The Role of Cables and Tracks in Garage Doors

Brooks Garage Door Service understands that every part plays an important role for optimal performance. The cables carry the weight while opening and closing, whereas tracks guide its path. Without proper maintenance or timely repair, this duo can become faulty causing inconvenience as well as potential safety risks.

Symptoms You Need Cable And Track Repair

If your garage door shakes during operation or gets stuck halfway up (or down), there might be issues with cables or tracks. More noticeable signs include frayed wires hanging loose from one side of the garage doorway, bent tracks obstructing movement,

- Loud noises during operation;
- A visible gap between rollers & rails;
- Dangling broken cables near drum assembly;

All these symptoms suggest you need help from professionals who know how to fix such situations effectively without risking personal safety due to high-tension springs involved.

Better Safe Than Sorry - Choose Professional Help.

You might think fixing a cable issue could be simple enough for a DIY job. But let us tell you - it's not. The cables on your garage door are under high tension and can cause serious injury if handled incorrectly.Brooks Garage Door Service is always ready to help with such issues, providing top-notch cable and track repair services in South San Francisco. Our experienced technicians have the expertise to restore your garage door to proper working order.